Saturday, December 3, 2011

A man and his Game: Kingdom Hearts- Part I

A few days ago I picked up my controller and played a game I haven't played for a very long time. From the very first menu tone I got chills. Why? Because it was freakin' Kingdom Hearts 2: FM+. One of the more harder- to ace games I've ever laid my hands on, possibly 2nd to Demon Souls.

But that's not important, cause when I got KH2:FM+ I wasn't even thinking on acing it -- and I still don't! The only reason I invested my time in Final Mix, was to expand with my own eyes and gameplay to cutscenes that show us a probably lot more darker side of things to come. Whether it's the scene with Org.13 trying to decide who's gonna kill Sora (Or somin' like that) to probably the biggest scene in all of KH2: Xemnas' paying a visit to what looks like an Aqua (from BBS) armor, and calling it "friend"!

If you are a real KH fan, you either smiled cause you know how that scene spooked you out or you remembered how shocked you were at the time. It's moments like these in gaming, that you know that games become more -- they have an influence about how you feel towards them later, it twists your mind and you stick along is something that says a lot!

Now, to finish this blog I'll spread out what you can expect from parts to come:

Part II: A personnel connection to a game?

Part III: The rise of Kingdom Hearts.

Part IV: The fall of Kingdom Hearts.
Part V: What to expect from the finale of Kingdom Hearts

Thank you for reading guys and as always -- Good Gaming!

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