Monday, April 16, 2012

Xbox is holding back the PS3

It's well known thath the PS3's hardware is far superior and up to date that the 360's. So why is it even a competetion? Well, the way developers program games is what's holding them back.

You see, it's much easier for say, EA to develop FIFA first for a weaker system and than port it to a more capable system. This makes games look most of the time WORSE on the PS3 rather the X360 because of a poor port, or just something specific that the X360 has and the PS3 doesn't, and the devs weren't bothered to replace that software/hardware with something capable of simulating what the X360 has. (Sorry for confusion)

Look at PS3 exclusives. Uncharted, God of War, Resistance, Killzone, Heavy Rain, the latest Kora demo from quantic dreams, you don't see those kind of stuff in the 360 do you? The best looking exclusives for consoles are without a competition on the PS3, but the majority of multiplatform games are lacking on the PS3, and as a dedicated PS3 fan and as someone who buys all his games, I demand equality between the multiplatform!
I payed for a more expensive console, promising me Blu Ray but what I really get is HD DVD quality games. Let the Xbox exclusives be superior to multiplatform, but keep it equal when it comes for multiplatform.

If devs would take the time to port games slowly and making sure there are no gamebreakers like FPS drops or missing textures, the PS3 versions will be far better! Take Beyonetta for example. A masterpiece on 360, but horrible on PS3! Why? Because of poor porting! FPS drops, textures popping in and out, input lag and many more problems due to devs being lazy and instead of delaying the release dates of the title they prefer to release a broken game.

This brings me to my next point, when the WiiU will be released, devs will be forced to up they're porting process and maybe even port from top down, from the strongest console to the weakest making the PS3's closer to WiiU rather than the Xbox. Plus, as I mentioned on a previous post, the WiiU's tablet controller features can be easily translated to the PSVita and make a WiiU like experience on the PS3.

Some of these are facts and some are opinions, I think I made obvious what's what.
Thanks for reading and good gaming!

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