Saturday, October 15, 2011

First blog and introduction :)

Hello world,
I opened this blog because I really want the world to see my life as a gamer. In this blog I will post stuff that, well be about gaming. ;)
What I want besides you guys seeing my life and reading what I played every day, I want you guys to tell me what you played and how you live as a gamer and even give me advice about, well anything really!
So before i get into the actual blogging I just want to introduce myself a little better. My name is Gil Tarablus, im a 15 year old gamer from Israel and my native language is English because having an English speaking teacher has its influences. ;)
I game on a PS3 and sometimes PC, when i can't afford a game i really want (So yes, I pirate games sometimes. NOT PROUD OF IT).
My first console was a PS2 back in 2002, since then I have had: 3 PS2's, an NDS lite, PSP-3000, PS3 slim 120GB's and a Intel Dual-core , Nvidia Geforce 8800, 2GB ram Win7 PC.
My favorite game(s) of all time is with out a doubt- Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2. I first played KH at the age of 9 and the way I came across the game is in my opinion fate. I first heard/saw the game on TV in a gaming channel and me being naive I tried to download it on my Computer and of course it was a virus (didn't know it back then). So after a while I forgot about it and at times when I used to rent games from blockbuster I didnt see it standing there on the rental shelf. One day I went with my dad to pick up my PS2 from getting repaired at Sony, and we went into Sony's shop and then I saw KH in the game section and I remembered how badly i wanted it so i convinced my dad to buy it. I have no idea how long i spent in front of that game but i do know I maxed out the timer at one point. I think the game really changed me and made me a better friend cause that's really what the game is about, friendship and love.
Besides gaming, my 2 other passions are: Music and horror movies.
The music I listen to is Alternative- Rock- Heavy Rock-Punk-Post Grudge- Grudge- Metal- Heavy Metal- Speed Metal. My 3 favorite bands are Avenged Sevenfold, Skillet and Finger Eleven. My 3 favorite songs are Seize The Day- Avenged Sevenfold, Lucy- Skillet and Stone Soul- Finger Eleven. I dont have favorite horror movies cause I just cant choose :P.
Today, Saturday the 15th of October I spent my time only playing Crysis 1 (PS3) getting some trophies and last night a finished Crysis on Hard. The only trophies I have left are the Delta difficulty ones and I finally have my 4th Platinum (1-3 being the GoW trilogy).
The blogs themselves will be longer than this, I just haven't really played to much today.

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