Sunday, October 16, 2011

Playing Black Ops with my girlfriend

If there's one thing a love about my girlfriend, Gaya, except for her amazing beauty, is how she loves playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops with me.
Every time I go over to her house I bring the PlayStation with me so we could play some Zombies together.
Now, it varies from being intense at moments to being hilarious! I'll describe what goes on, we start in the first map available, Kino Der Toten, in the first room we usually survive until round 4-5 while she downed at round 2 and I am left to deal with huge of waves of zombies until I cant anymore. Now whats funny about is her aim and skills are of a 3 year old even with my assistance. On a lucky run, or in other words a run where I am able to survive a lot more rounds on my own we could get to round 10-11.
Despite the fact the we suck at the zombies mode, its surprisingly really bonding and an excellent thing to do with your girlfriend. You get to play Black Ops AND your girlfriend doesn't get pissed at you and breaks you disc!
I got Gaya to really like the zombies mode, so much that in her free time she plays it on her iPod/iPad.
Another reason I bring the PlayStation is to win her brother's heart over. He didn't like the idea of his sister giving him a lot less attention and spending time with someone else, so I bring the PlayStation to satisfy and distract him while I spend time with Gaya.

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