Monday, October 17, 2011

What Treyarch's next project should be

No. Not the sequel to CoD:BO. But what I think should be their next project involves Black Ops and World At War quiet a bit, a stand alone Zombie's game.
The only reason i'm holding onto my copy of Black Ops, is because of the amazingly addictive Zombies mode.
I consider myself a pretty good Zombie killer with a record of 46 rounds survived in a single match in the map "Ascension". My PS3 was on for about 48 hours in total while creating this record. The reason was that I started the match 2 hours before I called it a night, and the next morning I had school so it had to wait until I got home and after I've finished eating and done some homework I was finally able to continue my match which lasted for another 2-3 hours.
Why do I find a game mode, that has a dozen stand alone games circling the exact same idea, to be so addictive and unique? That's easy: It's simple. It's fast. And it has maybe the four funniest characters gaming has seen for a while. Well, right behind GLaDOS and Wheatley that is.
The party of four characters include: A drunken Russian, a blood-thirsty U.S. Marine, a crazy-ass Indian doctor (Whom later turn out to be the main antagonist of the Zombie's campaign ) and at last a Japanese former imperial soldier who's obsessed with honor. Most people will see this as stereotypical behavior by Treyarch, but I see this as an amazing addition that makes you laugh while sprayin' and prayin' you way through the game.
The Marin, Tank Dempsey.
The drunken Russian, Nikolai Belinski.
The Japanese Imperial Soldier, Takeo Masaki.
The antagonist, Edward Richtofen.

The Zombie's mode isn't just about doing your best to survive, it has a rather complicated story behind taht seems to ends at the final map added to the mode, "Moon", where Richtofen, the Indian doctor's plans are revealed and the three other team members sabotage hes plans and possibly end the story.
The game has a total of 10 different maps, 8 of are somehow story related, and 9 of them you play as the regular characters. The one that you don't play with the regulars, is "Call Of The Dead" where you play one of 4 celebrities: Danny Trejo, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund and Michael Rooker. The antagonist of that map is the famous horror movie director-turned zombie- Geroge A. Romero.
The last map released in the "Rezzurection" DLC, "Moon".
Now if this didn't make you understand why I crave for a stand alone game, I'll describe the gameplay part, the part that makes this mode simple and contributes a lot to the addictive part.
You start off in a closed room in the map of your choice with a pistol, 40 bullets, a knife and 500 points. The objective? Well, in the first 6 maps its to survive. In the last 4, you have hidden tasks that can only be accomplished by doing certain tasks with a full- 4 player party. These "Objectives" are called "Easter-eggs" and the game will give you small hints as to what to do and how but will never tell you exactly what to do. These "Easter-eggs" contribute A LOT to the story and after they are finished they will give the players bonuses.
The "Easter eggs" are not mandatory what so ever.
The survival part is the main objective in a never ending game. After you start in the first room, you will have zombies coming in from windows you can later rebuild for points, or in some maps they will rise from the ground. The key to surviving a zombies match is to be smart with your ammo, and rack up a lot of points in the first 10-13 rounds and from there it could go long with a safe tactic that's called "Rape Training"- The zombies will run after you. So to make the best of it you have all the zombies run behind you in a group and as soon as they stop spawning, you turn around and shoot them with everything you got until there are no more left in the round.

Rape Training on the map "Ascension"
Another thing that is mandatory to surviving, are the "Perk-a-cola's". They are power-ups that are spread across the map and their price ranges from 1500 points, to 4000. They include stuff like the ability to take a lot more damage before getting killed, faster reloading, faster and longer sprints and the ability to revive a team member in an instant. But the only perk that exists in all the maps, is "Mule Kick", which lets you carry an extra gun you buy off the wall or from the "Mystery Box". The "Mystery Box is a box that costs 950 points that can give you any weapon in the game, some are available for purchase off of one of the walls in the map and the rest are Super Guns like the Ray Gun, Thundergun and The Wave gun.
The Zombie's mode has an enormous community that, in my opinion was expanded with help of a famous YouTuber named "The Syndicate Project" who creates and commentates on his own Zombie gameplay. He used to hold the world record for Most Rounds Survived, 77(?) but since then it was broken and the current record is more than 100 rounds. Syndicate makes many videos about his idea's of a stand alone game and he has brilliant idea's for features.
So I would really like to see a stand alone zombie game by Treyarch because I Truly think that with this much support and fans, this much fun in a game and so many hours spent into the Zombie's mode, its a shame you have to buy an overrated game to have the full experience.

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