Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Crysis review for PS3

When EA announced that Crysis, the critically acclaimed and probably the best looking game we've seen for years is coming to consoles, I was one of the few who actually said "YES!".
There is no doubt that an FPS is 99% of the time better on the PC, especially if we're talking about Crysis a; game that murdered even some of the best PC's back in the day with its outstanding graphics.
So whats new in the PS3 version that makes this purchase a must-have? Well, not much. But if Crysis for 20$ didn't sell it for ya, then the "New" stuff wont even make you blink.

The critically acclaimed Crysis comes to console! The amazingly beautiful Ling Shan island packs at least 3 playthroughs of the game. You play Nomad, an American Super Soldier sent on a mission to find & retrieve an American group of scientists and archaeologists. Things get messy when there discovery, a mysterious 1 million year old fossil turns out to be one of the hundreds of alien, lets say soldiers, sent to earth for an unknown reason, probably to destroy man kind (That always seems to be the reason..). On the way to an epic battle on a ship you will face the APK, Korean soldiers who will annoyingly stand in you way and shout out stuff in English or Korean (Depends on your difficulty).
The new thing is the control scheme, which unlike PC Crysis, you don't have the wheel of suit powers and weapon customization. Instead, you have the incredibly comfortable Crysis 2 controls: Armor- L2, Cloak- R2, Look down sight- L1, Fire- R1 and at last Weapon customization- Hold Select.
The downside of this purchase? No multiplayer. Which normally would've ruined the replay value, but in this case? Not at all. Why? Cause its Crysis.
A bonus you get with the game is a super easy Platinum trophy to add to your collection. It can be obtained on your first playthrough, as long as you read the miscellaneous trophy description and as long as you play on Delta, the hardest difficulty, you can get another Plat' in a day or 2.

What I really like about Crysis, is how it fools you into thinking the game is an open world- sandbox. But its not. The levels are open, really open but you cannot roam the whole island on the get go. Now whats there to like about this? The fact the there are endless ways to attack a Korean patrol (This is were replay value comes in). Whether its from the water/river, Coming down a mountain cloaked so that your invisible and take them by surprise or if you head first all armored up with a shotgun, you will eventually find the best way to attack and easily defeat your enemies. Now, this isn't like this for the whole game, after about 70-75% into the game, your enemies change in an instant. From Koreans to a super advanced Alien race that will want you dead! As soon as you get to the aliens, the open world and endless way to attack are over. You must go head first, preferably with a shotgun and do your best in finding cover. Cloak wont fool them, they will know where you are. As I said before, the control scheme is really comfortable and everything is in arms- well, fingers reach. I just want to advise you bump up the sensitivity cause it is really slow on the default 50.

For 3.8 GB of a game, Crysis packs a lot of beauty. And I mean A LOT. Although its not crazy as Crysis on PC is, its still amazing to look at and it has a solid 30 FPS. Most of the time. The game also uses the same engine that was used for Crysis 2, the Cryengine 3. I noticed the Voice sync isn't really 100%, and the subtitles can be late sometimes but that's not a big issue. The enemy's look as good as they can on a console, and I have to tell you, the face of the enemy when your choking him and getting ready to throw him off a cliff is priceless! The aliens looks scary at times and extremely "High-tec" with there glowing blue-ish lights and the floating body's. The game has built in 3D support for those who can afford it making everything a lot cooler. And lagish. Just sayin'
PS3 & Xbox 360 Graphics are equally stunning using the new Cryengine 3.
Crysis has a really cool soundtrack. The voice acting is great, the gunshots sound really good and even better with a silencer. Go figure. The sniper on the other hand, or as the game calls it: "Precision Rifle", has an incredibly LOUD sound when fired. The Koreans will shout out in either English, Korean or a mix of the both, depending on your difficulty. It;s really good having the Koreans shout out in English, so that you know when they see you and when its time to go run behind a tree or Cloak up. The game supports up to 5.1 Surround sound for the ultimate experience. The music isn't really heard until your either finishing a boss, discovering something, or finishing a level. You will hear "Epic" music when you do one of those.

Crysis on consoles is an amazing game, especially for the price tag of 20$. It's beautiful, it's fun, it sounds and runs great on PS3 and in my opinion, it has a pretty interesting story that I must admit I hated Crysis 2 for not telling the rest of the story. Just a little side note, when chaos starts on the ship, check a game guide so that you don't make the same mistake i did which made me restart the level.
GTarablus's Score for Crysis: 9.0.

Thank you for reading my review, please leave a comment with feedback on my FIRST ever review :D. Please visit my blog again for more on my gaming and more game reviews.

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