Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vita's True Potential- Advantages over the PSP

The PSP was undoubtedly a failure. From it's 2004 launch to current day, 2012, the PSP has undergone over 3 changes in size, shape and look. Better screen, no WiFi, smaller, no UMD drive-- Sony have tried it all but with no success.
One of the most requested features of the
Vita- Dual analog sticks.
With the launch of the PSVita a lot of the PSP's weak spots have been patched and eliminated. Dual analog sticks, up to date hardware and no more silly mini discs to lose or break, the Vita has potential. But the one thing the Vita cannot eliminate and what was the biggest issue with the PSP, is the the hacking- the PSP was so easily hacked even the dumbest of people could check a guide on the internet and have their PSP hacked and loaded with any game they desired in less than an hour. Although the PSVita has yet to be fully hacked, it's inevitable that the Vita will be hacked, and as soon as that happens 3rd party developers will lose interest in making AAA games for the Vita because the odds of actually gaining an income will be incredibly low to non existent.
I admit I'm a long time PSP hacker, but that's just because of the horrible quality games that came out. Please don't hate me and bear with me. I'm 90% sure I will NOT hack the PSVita when I receive mine in November, for the reason that I wan't the network features, the exact same reason I don't hack my PS3 and I still have a big library of games and I enjoy my PS3 very much!
The Vita hacked to play PS3 games, not only as the controller
but as the screen as well.
Another thing the Vita improves is the cross platforming feature it has with the PS3. The most the PSP had was controlling the PS3 (with incredible lag btw) and seeing the XMB on the PSP's screen. That's the most the PSP could do. The Vita on the other hand already has games that support swapping saves for on the go gameplay. In the future I'm sure we'll see the exact same type of control the WiiU has with their big ass tablet controller right in our hands with the vita and PS3.The lack of four buttons can be annoying, but can easily be fixed with the touch screen and/or the rear touch pad. The potential is massive in this particular department, we only need Sony to take a chnce with this and enable this for developers. Imagine a world where games are not programmed for the Xbox, ported to the PS3 and remade or not even released for the Wii, but rather games made on the PS3, ported to the WiiU (Due to the PS3 presumably being weaker than the WiiU, thus making it easier to develop and then port to WiiU. Search online for the way games are released  for the PS3 and Xbox for further information.) and only then being remade or ported with much less features to Xbox, due to the ability of the Vita to work as a WiiU controller. I don't hate the Xbox, it's an amazing system and I'd love to own one, but I do hate how games with great potential are lowered to fit the power of the Xbox instead of fitted for the power of the PS3. Just look at Uncharted and God of War! solid FPS, amazing HD graphics and sharp detail! Now look at Castlevania: Lords of Shadow-- one of the best 3rd party games I've seen in a while, but isn't in the same league as GoW or Uncharted are due to the fact that it was firstly made to fit the Xbox rather than the PS3. I'm heading off topic here, but I promise an entire post dedicated to the difference in development.
A perfect example for the evolution of the Sony handhelds
To conclude, the PSVita has a huge advantage over the PSP and could easily be a hit for Sony, if only they treat it right and maybe try out my idea. That'll mean they will stay in the console war and be a heavy competitor for the WiiU for years to come!

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Good Gaming!

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