Friday, March 23, 2012

Platinuming The Force Unleashed 2

First of all, sorry for the brief disappearance. I had a little overload with school and I had no time or inspiration to write here. But I'm back, so all's good!

Now, I have been busy with games in the mean time, specifically one. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2. For those who remember my game collection post would know this isn't a new game I just got. No no, I have this since the end of august. Along with other games like Portal 2, Borderlands, Crysis 1 and a few more, this marks a beginning, a beginning of something I've been way to lazy to do. I've Platinumed a game of old. A game of old is a game that is easy to Plat, and I have for over six months.
But I'm here to talk about TFU2.

TFU2 is kind of an easy game to plat, as long as you have the skills to finish it on Unleashed. It's no easy task, you can be sure of that. The enemies are extremely powerful, the life you get from killing enemies is low as shit, and the force regeneration along with the use of the force powers is a bitch! But with enough patience and maybe someone with you to keep you calm, it's a fun thing to do. By the end of the game you should get the hang of how to deal with every enemy easily and you should feel like a very powerful force.
Speaking of the force, the trophy "Use the force, Luke" can be a real bitch. It tells to ONLY use force powers for an entire level. Easy right? Well, yes and no. Yes cause it's easy but no cause it actually means "Don't press square. Ever". So you pressed square anytime during the level and your quite fucked. But doing this on the first level on easy shouldn't take you longer the 5 minutes.

The challenge trophies are not as bad as one might think. Then again, you need the skills for at least a gold in every challenge. And again, someone by your side keeping you cool. You should do this BEFORE your unleashed playhrough due to extra force points being earned and Lightsaber crystals that could help you in the playthrough.
The actual Platinum in my trophy library.

I really like TFU series. It's a freakin' hack n slash in the Star Wars universe, my favorite genre with the universe that's responsible for my favorite weapon, dropkicked Ewoks. Kidding it's the Lighstaber but common, who the hell couldn't keep a straight face when they first drop kicked an Ewok on Endor?!
Anyways, TFU 2 was my 8th platinum. I'm proud of myself actually reaching out of the GoW series and platinuiming a bigger variety of games. My next platinum's should be: The Sly Trilogy, Borderlands, Crysis and maybe AC:Revelations.

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